Frequently Asked Questions

Use the icon

What is the best way to use Budicon as a designer?

If you’re the IconJar user, this is probably the most efficient and easiest way to browse Budicon collection. Everyone who purchased Budicon will get a special discount for IconJar.

For the designer, the best way to browse the icon is to open Illustrator / Sketch file that is provided. If you’re a Photoshop user, you can install the CSH file (Custom Shape for Photoshop) by double clicking the .csh provided.

What is the best way to use Budicon as a developer?

If you’re the IconJar user, this is probably the most efficient and easiest way to browse Budicon collection. Everyone who purchased Budicon will get a special discount for IconJar.

For the developer, if you like to use individual SVG for the quick HTTP request – you can browse it with IconJar. However, we understand that the system and cheatsheet on our collection still need an improvement – we are working on that.

Or if you love to work with font-face request – you can use the provided icon-font.

Can I control the stroke/outline weight?

The short answer is no.

All Budicon’s icon set is already expanded and each icon only contains fill without stroke. This is the technique to ensure everything is placed in the correct pixel grid and produce the crisp and sharp icons.

Can I use Budicon within a design templates or themes? E.g. Theme Forest

If you purchased the extended license, you can use Budicon in design templates. You are eligible to use up to 80 icons within your templates or UI kits or themes or presentation deck. Please check our license agreement.

Can I use Budicon in my commercial project?

Yes, you can. For both standard and extended license, you are allowed to use Budicon for a commercial project; where the end user is charged for your product or service. However, you cannot distribute the icon to the user.

Can I include Budicon in freebies?

No, whatever the license you purchased – you can’t include Budicon in the freebies item. Because you basically distribute the icon, which is not permitted as agreed in the license.

Do you take custom icon order?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Budicon is created by Budi Tanrim – who is working full-time on Shopify at the moment. He won’t be able to take any custom order.


How do I get my icon?

Once you finished the checkout process, you’ll get an email in your inbox to download the icons. Also, you’ll have an account to login to download the purchased item again in the future.

What if I haven’t received the download link?

Once you completed the checkout process, you should get an invoice from Budicon; or PayPal if you’re using PayPal.

Please contact us and mention your PayPal email or your transaction ID.


How do I update for newer version?

You will have an account to login, this way you can see the latest version. Or, you will get an email notification when the newer version is available.

What if I bought Budicon 1.3 or lower?

You are special to me, without you – there won’t be Budicon 2.0 now. Therefore, you will get a special price for an upgrade to Budicon 2.0. I have to charge this upgrade because I have put a lot of times and it’s totally fully redesigned from edge to edge.

Please contact us with any payment proof you have for Budicon 1.3 or lower. I’ll give you the discount code.

Can I have my access for Budicon 1.3?

Of course, you can.

Please register a new account. Then, contact us and provide following information:
– Your account name and email
– One of the payment proof (like order ID or PayPal Invoice). We’ll give you the access to your account.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can purchase with PayPal, or Credit Card in the checkout process.

Can I make a payment with a Credit Card?

Yes, you can make a payment with Debit and Credit Card. You can actually choose that option in the PayPal payment page. Here’s the step you need to do:

1. Go to our checkout page
2. Choose payment method with PayPal
3. Once you opened the PayPal screen, choose Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card

Is the checkout process safe?

Security is our main concern, our website is using SSL certificate to protect your identity and information. Also, by using the secured payment gateways from PayPal, we’ll make sure all of your sensitive credentials pass through high security to the payment gateway.

Can I get the invoice?

Once you completed the checkout process, you will get the invoice together with the download link. If you have any difficulties on finding it, please contact us.


Can I refund the icon?

No, since these are digital files, we cannot offer refund or exchanges system. We recommend you to contact us if you experience any issues with the downloading our products.

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