Extended License

Extended License is for you who want to upgrade the limitation from Standard License.

In summary, there are two limitations in the Standard License as following:
  • Limitation on the number of users in the same company/household.
  • Limitation on the number of icons per project.

Please note that Employees Extended License and Icon Limit Extended License are not for use in template that you resell.

How do I define number of users in my company?

The user is defined by a person who has the Budicon file on their computer.

What constitute a project? One website or project?

If you are working on multiple projects for the same website under the same domain (e.g. www.domain.org), that will be referred as one website. Therefore, if your license limit you to use 100 icons per project, that mean you can only use 100 icons for that website. 

If I have 80 employees, will all the employees considered as the “user”?

No, the number of employees in your company doesn’t count as the users. For example, if you have 3 designers and 2 developers in your company who have downloaded Budicon product on their computer, that counted as 5 users

Do you have the unlimited extended license?

Yes, we are offering the unlimited extended license. Please kindly contact regarding that.

Is the payment secure?

Security is our main concern, our website is using SSL certificate to protect your identity and information. Also, by using the secured payment gateways from PayPal, we’ll make sure all of your sensitive credentials pass through high security to the payment gateway.

How do I download the icons?

Once you finished the checkout process, you’ll get an email in your inbox to download the icons. Also, you’ll have an account to login to download the purchased item again in the future.

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